February 23, 2012

flycatcher journal

 ... Memory is a funny thing. My ability to recall events and entire days years later, including what everyone wore, contrasts with hundreds of vague recollections. These photographs are about memory, place, and journey. Shot almost entirely from my car, they are images of chance. I do not plan which two images are exposed on the same frame.  I am not even bothered if the two images are misaligned in the frame. In the same way my memory works, for every compelling photograph I get, there are five or six unsuccessful blurs...

In January, I had the privilege of having a photo essay published in the inaugural issue of Flycatcher Journal. Flycatcher is an online literary magazine featuring content that explores what it is to be native to place. Visit Flycatcher Journal's website to view the rest of my photo essay and read other wonderful submissions.

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