March 7, 2012

rozelle artists guild: 3rd annual sketchbook show

I like to keep tabs on art things in Memphis. Thankfully, facebook makes that much easier for me. Earlier this year, I came across the facebook page for the Rozelle Artists Guild. I saw pictures from last year's Sketchbook Show, and really wanted to participate in the next one. Participation guidelines were a little unclear as to whether or not you had to live in Memphis to participate. If Memphis residency turned out to be a requirement, I planned on lying and saying I still lived with my parents so I would have a legit Memphis address to mail the sketchbook to and from. When the next call for participants was posted, the rules stated anyone who wanted a sketchbook could participate. Thankfully, my ethical compass could continue to point due North. I received the sketchbook about a month before it was due back for the show. We could put anything in it, so I decided to randomly select some black and white images I cut out of an old travel book titled something really cheesy like Around the World in 1,000 Images.  I pasted one image on each two-page spread. The surrounding image was left up to my imagination. In an exquisite corpse-like situation, I took lines from the book picture and extended them into wherever my whims took me. Every other night or so, I would come home from work and draw in this after dinner. This sketchbook turned out to be an homage to what my high school notebook margin doodles could have been had I not given two hoots about class and had access to the entire neon arsenal of Crayola markers. Thanks Mom and Dad for scooting on down to this year's exhibition and snapping some pictures for me. I also love the easy, yet lovely way this show is installed.