June 4, 2012


As I've said before, I don't take pictures in museums.  When I walked around New York, I carried a notebook to jot down titles and artist names of things I liked. Here is the first batch. These are images I saw at the MOMA and the Cloisters. For whatever reason, they jumped out at me more than other things did.

I wanted to remember them, so here they are!
Camel fresco from the Closters

playing cards

playing cards, detail

Three apes assembling a trestle table

Andrea Zittel, Something from nothing with very little effort involved

Nancy Grossman

Robert Heinecken, Recto Verso

 Heinecken, Recto Verso

 Heinecken, Recto Verso

 Heinecken, Recto Verso

Andre Racz, Flesh Fly

Edward Steichen, Maypole, Empire State Building

Tauba Auerbach, RGB

Zarina, Home is a Foreign Place

Zarina, Home is a Foreign Place

Zarina, Home is a Foreign Place

Stay tuned for the Met.