June 14, 2012


I made this little watercolor over a stretch of two mornings while drinking coffee. One thing I like about the summer is the earlier sunrise time. I've discovered that whether or not the sun is up has a huge influence on my schedule. Right now, it's easy to motivate myself to get up early so I can paint and listen to the radio before work, but in the middle of winter? Forget it. In the summer I can go until 8:30 without eating dinner because the sun is still up, but in December, I want to eat at 4:30.

Anyway. This is Wild Bill's. A very small (but long) bar on the fringes of Midtown Memphis. It does several things well. Hamburgers, live music, and dancing. I used to go occasionally with a pack of friends during holiday breaks from college. The last time I was there, the cover was $10. Seemingly steep, but completely worth it. The band may be the same every week, but at least I knew they'd be good.

I've also been plugging away on some new ideas, works in progress, and other things. They'll appear here soon. I lost a roll of film to a technical snafu. The film advance wasn't catching the second time I loaded it, so the roll I was working on in New York will never be. I didn't feel the lack of tension while photographing until it was too late. I'm temped to develop the film, but I know what's there. 24 pictures of Kudzu, and one frame with the other 24 pictures that were supposed to expose over the entire roll. Oh well. I'll try again.

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