August 16, 2012


I'm one of those nutty Memphians who likes Elvis. Been to Graceland, got the t-shirt, love the Christmas Album, seen the Christmas lights. I refer to the two seasons that people flock to Graceland as Elvis Christmas and Elvis Easter. It's a little crass, but I like it. Today marks 35 years since Elvis died. I was at the 30th candlelight vigil, and while I didn't make it past the grave, I got a pretty neat picture with an impersonator (or an ETA (Elvis tribute artist) as I've learned they like to be called.) In honor of this day, I present Elvis' rendition of the Gospel tune, How Great Thou Art. It's not a song about art, but the word is there in the title. I write this blog, and I also write the rules. Elvis, hope you're having a great time in that big white jumpsuit in the sky.