October 10, 2012


Getting ready to go through the Lincoln Tunnel. Somebody hold the toll ticket and read the signs!

Here we go! I love that this tunnel has the New York skyline relief detailing.

Things you didn't see before this picture happened: inching down 42nd St. Me almost getting pinned in the rearmost corner of a freight elevator. A lot of sweat. Perilous parking in tight spaces. It was a relief to have the painting arrive unscathed and a thrill to be in this conservation room.

Our art moving schedule. My job for the day was to meet the truck at different stops and serve as a satellite art mover, if needed, and lunch runner. I did both. After grabbing a power lunch for 3 hungry men (and me), I took a 30 minute cab ride uptown to grab two drawings while the rest of the crew was still packing the truck in Chelsea. Did I also mention that this day was the Friday of Fashion week?

After a long day, a near-death experience with a crate and a lift gate, sweat, and two new silver dollar-sized blisters, I limped up to the High Line, and sat for a minute while I finished the rest of my water.