November 8, 2012


This happened recently. I had a birthday, and probably the tastiest, best birthday cake I hadn't yet imagined could exist. I've been a little silent over here, not for any lack of productivity. Lately my daily creative juices have been going into little design projects for work. Here's a peep at part of one. I rather like that background I made.

BUT I've been gearing up for a new art goal. I began on my birthday, and for every day this year, I will do one small drawing and take at least one photograph.  Here are the first two of my small drawings. I won't be posting every single one on the blog, but they will all be up in albums on my Flickr page. It will be interesting to find out how I handle this goal, when I'm traveling, or if I get sick, OR, if I turn into a petulant child and just. don't. want. to. today.

Driving through East Tennessee, particularly on certain stretches of 75, is a constant reminder of my impending, eternal damnation. This is an ink sketch of my favorite homemade sign.

Just what happened to come out of my head yesterday. Some times I'll use a source for the drawing and other times, like this, it may just be a complicated doodle.

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