June 12, 2014


A black and white acrylic painting of  my friend Megan. We met in the 8th grade and had a friendship forged on the track team. Megan and I used to get asked all the time if we were sisters or cousins. People just wanted us to be related. We were just tall and blond. I hardly get to see her because she moved to another country. I've forgiven her though, because she is one of my all time favorite people. Megan once told me that my love language was my freakish memory and attention to detail. To prove a point,  I remember this night. It was one of many spent at the Ugly Mug, where we would hole up on Friday or Saturday nights, drink overly-sugared coffees and draw or take pictures or read books of poetry.

This was part of my concentration for AP Studio portfolio review.

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