August 14, 2014


I've run out of artwork for Throwback Thursday until my parents bring another portfolio when they visit. I've decided to post some old pictures that I took in college to tide you over. This picture is from Sophomore year and is documentation of the first drawing assignment for my painting and drawing class. Each student was given a stack of photocopied topographical maps. We each had to make 10 different "modules" (3-dimensional shapes made only using cut or folded paper and tape). Our professor then chose a module for each student to reproduce 10 times. Here is the pile of my 10 identical modules before I took the over to the art building. All of us pinned then up into clusters onto the giant studio pin-up wall. Then we had to draw the entire thing. It took me forever, and I know I still have that drawing. I tell people (artists!) about this assignment and they cringe in sympathy.

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