April 25, 2012

demonstrating artists

Last week my friend and I were demonstrating artists an an area elementary school for their Fine Arts Night. After work we both hauled in way too many art supplies and examples of our work to set up a demonstration station. 

Jennifer's photographs and my cameras and painting-doodles.

Print blocks, silkscreen screens, and watercolors.
Jennifer is a talented printmaker and her work can be seen here. We both brought watercolors and decided to be a bit traditional and silly. After we finished setting up the tables, we drew simultaneous blind contour portraits of each other. Then we spent the rest of the evening working on finishing the paintings. We got an array of reactions from parents and students -- some laughing at our silly work and  some wondering exactly what we were doing. Here's Jennifer, by me. I gave her a mystical left eyeball and an orange background... because she loves UT football.

Here's Jennifer's painting of me. We're not quite sure what happened to my glasses and my eyes. Don't you love my cosmic yearbook portrait background?

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