May 1, 2012


On Sunday, Yee-Haw Letterpress closed. The printshop had been operating in Knoxville for about 15 years. YeeHaw was hosting events and producing art on Gay Street long before the First Friday Downtown scene became a "thing."

I went to Yee-Haw shortly after I moved here two years ago to buy some decorations for my apartment. Deeply impoverished, I could only afford a few postcards. They are still hanging in my living room. This weekend, I went to get a larger print. I was able to snag the second to the last one of these. I like that it is woodcut and letterpress, gives a nod to my Memphis/barbecue upbringings, (because the two words are interchangeable...right?) and speaks of my undying love for pork products.

A few posts ago, I mentioned entering Knox Heritage's Architecture Tour photo contest. I never posted the actual images I submitted. This afternoon, I received an exciting email notifying me that one of my images was selected to be in the tour exhibition and included in the booklet of postcards. It happened to be a double exposure photograph of Yee-Haw's front window.

Yee-Haw, thanks for all that you did to make Downtown Knoxville a more culturally rich and artistically interesting place.

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