May 16, 2012

bringing some of memphis to knoxville

You've seen this picture before. I wrote about the building here. Last week, I received another piece of good news. This photograph was chosen for the next Arts in the Airport  show. I had no takers on the Plane Art, but that just means I can use it somewhere else. 

I  sat down a few days ago and worked the drop-off and reception dates into my art calendar deadlines. I started to panic a bit because I've got a lot on my art plate right now. It gives me a headache to think about how I'm going to get some of it done, but I'm more than thankful for being chosen to participate and show.

This is the second of my photographs that will be shown in Knoxville this summer. My photograph of Yee-Haw will hang at the Bijou Theater gallery through the end of June. Sears Crosstown, Memphis will be at the McGhee Tyson Airport through October.

I only really started taking these photographs about a year ago. It's nice to know that someone besides me thinks they are compelling.

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