July 26, 2012


Until last night, I hadn't held a paintbrush since about 1:30 am on July 6th.... or when I finished my Strip watercolors. The break has been nice. I've always been a believer in taking time off from something instead of continuing to move full steam ahead ALWAYS. When I ran cross country and track in college, most of my teammates used Spring Break as a time to train more. I usually sat on my duff for a week, but came back rested and looking forward to the next practice.  I jumped back into a painting I had started a while ago, but abandoned for The Strip. It's called Northern Ireland Gave the US Ten Presidents. Until I purchased Around the World in 10,000 Pictures, I had no idea this was a true fact. Can you name all 10? I'm not sure I can. I like presidential facts, but this list is out of my league. I'm still working on my Strip blog post, and maybe another one about the short trip I took to DC last weekend. Filled with old friends and older art, it was a great time.

New plants. Rosemary, a favorite herb.

Mint and a succulent

Meat Manager's Special film! Expect some new photographs soon.

A corner of the new painting.

New business cards ordered.

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