April 4, 2013


Several months ago, I was grabbing Friday evening drinks with some folks when my friend looked at me and said, "Hey, you're an artist. You like beer. Do you want to be a demonstrating artist at a KMA event called Art on Tap?" Of course I said yes. For this event, The Knoxville Museum of Art is joining forces with Central Flats and Taps, The Knoxville Young Professionals, and the Tenth and Blake Beer Company (the craft and import division of Miller Coors) to put on an event geared toward attracting a younger crowd to the museum. Five beers are available for tasting, and each beer will be paired with food from Central Flats and an artist interpreting the beer. I chose Batch 19, a lager crafted from a pre-Prohibition recipe found in the files at Miller Coors. Instead of using Prohibition imagery, I decided to create a 1919 style ad for Batch 19. I gathered old ads online from the time period for inspiration. Below is my sketch. It got pre-approved by Miller Coors. I'm starting my painting early. (The other artists are too) as it will be impossible to execute an entire 30" x 30" painting in the middle of a cocktail party. I'm not even sure that Bob Ross would be up for the challenge. The event is on Tuesday, April 30, and I'm hoping to have the complicated parts complete by then, so I can do less detailed work during the event and not be too distracted. Information for purchasing tickets can be found here. Hops for your Health, y'all!

p.s. Central Flats makes the best balsamic dressing. Go forth and eat salad (or dip your sandwich in it!)