July 6, 2015


I've been wanting to play around with sculpture and have been making these recently. They are made of fake flowers and egg cartons.

Another new work.

I had Friday morning off. (Federal Holiday, y'all) and we drove down to our friend's farm to pick up a pork shoulder to smoke for the 4th of July and to meet the new pigs. I also met some interestingly shaped tomatoes. It's amazing what's out there once you stop getting the perfect, round, grocery store ones.

I ran into this unfortunate fellow later at the UGO. I would love to cook a pig head someday.

Later that evening was First Friday, and my studio had an exhibition at the Emporium on Gay Street.

My work sandwiched between work by Ashley Addair.

I'm not entirely sure this is finished. I may keep working on it after July.

So much food on the 4th.

A recent shot of Miss Mamie

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